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How to get an Email Address

Yesterday (August 1 2012) I wrote a post about how to upgrade your old Hotmail account to Microsoft’s new this article also covered how to get your new webmail address. However, I put the steps for upgrading your email address last in the article which isn’t very visible to people interested in upgrading. So in the interest of clearly explaining to people how to get your email address, here are the steps again:

How to get an Email Address

Microsoft has made it very straightforward for existing Hotmail users to upgrade their accounts to Likewise they have also made getting your new email address as painless as possible.

It’s important to note that just upgrading to the Inbox will not change your email address. You will need up upgrade your email address to manually after changing your inbox. The good thing about all of this is that you will still get all emails sent to your old Hotmail address. Just remember that you will no longer be able to sign into your account with your old Hotmail ID.

For existing Hotmail account holders or people wanting to maintain a consistent online naming profile it is important to get the right email user name before they are all taken. If you weren’t there for the gold rush of name reservations for Gmail, LinkedIn, or accounts, you’ll know how impossible it is to get any decent address with those sites now, so this is your chance to get the address you want with The sooner you do so the better it is, since users are signing up for email addresses by the thousands!

Here are the steps to go about getting your new email address:

  1. If you have just upgraded your email account from Hotmail to, you will get an email in your Inbox from Microsoft that explains what you can do with your new account. Alternately if you are signing up for a new account you can skip the next few steps… you will be directly asked to select your new email address as part of the signup process.
  2. The most important option in the email is the section titled Get a Outlook email address for your new inbox.Upgrading your Inbox to Outlook doesn’t automatically upgrade your email address. You need to follow the instuctions to change your email addres from say to MyNewEmail@outlook.comHere is the description Microsoft gives you about upgrading your email address

    Rename your email address

    Why rename your address? When you rename your email address, your new ID works just like your old one. Your new mail will go to your inbox, and you can choose to keep your old mail in a separate folder. All of your other Microsoft account info—like contacts, photos and Office docs on SkyDrive—will also switch to your new address within a few days.

  3. Now enter your new email address and make sure the option is selected in the dropdown list beside it.
  4. Click the Save button to save your new email address. You will see a new message from Microsoft as follows:

    You have a new Outlook address

    Before you can continue, you just need to enter your password. (This helps keep your account safe.) Be sure to always use your new Outlook address whenever you sign in.

  5. You’ll now need to log into using your new email address and old password.
  6. Once you have confirmed your credentials there’s just one step left. Outlook wants to know where to put emails sent to your old Hotmail address. The default option given is for Outlook to create a new folder with your old address. I chose this option, but you can also have Outlook just send everything to your Inbox. Here is the explanatory text that you will see:

    Your Outlook address is set up

    Now that you’ve renamed your account to, you just need to tell us where to put mail sent to your old address. To start with a clean inbox, select “A new folder” and all mail sent to your old address will go there. (We’ll also move all mail that’s currently in your inbox.)

  7. Click the Done button to confirm

3 thoughts on “How to get an Email Address”

  1. Thank you for your post. It was the best opportunity to change my hotmail address (which I created for a long time ago) to something better.

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