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About Me: Justin Cooney

This is my blog about Web Development tips and examples. I will write about programming topics that I am interested in, and am happy to answer topic-relevant questions. These days I’m mostly writing about programming issues related to HTML5, JavaScript, and the Microsoft Technology Stack.

I like to blog about programming issues and/or interesting facts. Programming is both a career and a hobby with amazing potential. The constantly changing and evolving nature of the programming industry has held my attention for years now and always keeps things new and exciting.

I am both a professional and a hobbyist programmer and have been coding professionally since 1997.

Coding is part of my earliest memories and interests. I began coding when I got my first Apple IIGS back in the early 1980s, and I have been coding ever since.

My current interests involve developing enterprise solutions using the Microsoft technology stack including C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, IIS and SQL Server.

I hope the articles I post are useful to you, and if they are please feel free to post a comment. I always enjoy getting feedback!


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, great blog. I have a question on VSTO. It is possible to put the outlook explorer object inside a form region or window form?
    I’m just want to create an application that show the emails inside of a specific folder.

  2. Hi Justin,

    I read your blog and your postings…! those are simply great..! also thanks for visiting my blog.
    I am also a front end developer based in Pune, India.
    You have lots of information since 1998 :) I have just started blogging. I used to read information on net and store those URLs in my Inbox for further reading but I never ever visit those links/information again. Thus thought that why don’t I share information on blog. so I started blogging..!

    I will keep on visiting your blog too and will get good info.


    1. Hi Shree, thanks for visiting my blog, I’m glad you enjoyed reading some of the articles I have posted!

      I was reading some articles you posted on your blog and found them very informative, keep up the awesome work! I will keep visiting your blog as well to get good info.



  3. Hi,
    I have 2 questions that I would be grateful if you answered:
    1. Do systematic Stored Procedures in MSsql get inputs from users?
    If so isn’t that risky?

  4. Hey Justin,
    I am very interested in the blog you posted titled “Outlook Custom Add-In to Archive Emails on Send Based on Keyword in Subject Line (Visual Studio 2010)” and would love some information from you if i could?

    I am trying to do something similar and having all kinds of issues.


  5. Hi Justin,

    I’ve benefited immensely from two of your articles while developing a web app at work. First a huge thank you! Second, by any chance would you be willing to review some code of mine and give me your critique?

    Thanks again

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