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Programatically Connecting to MS Exchange Using EWS

You can do a lot with your code when you write an application that communicates with your Exchange server. But getting the setup to work for you in Visual Studio isn’t always as intuitive as it should be. Here are the steps I went through getting my project in Visual Studio set up and connecting to MS Exchange.
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Microsoft’s New Outlook.com and Why You Should Care

So with all of the hype surrounding Microsoft’s new Outlook.com webmail system, one has to ask oneself exactly what the benefits are to this new system. Is Outlook.com just another online email service just like the rest? Or is there something unique that distinguishes it from similar systems by Google or Yahoo?

Keep in mind that these are just my personal opinions and I’m sure many would strongly disagree. However, from what I can see there are a few key features which really make Outlook.com stand out from the crowd: Continue reading “Microsoft’s New Outlook.com and Why You Should Care”

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How to get an Outlook.com Email Address

Yesterday (August 1 2012) I wrote a post about how to upgrade your old Hotmail account to Microsoft’s new Outlook.com this article also covered how to get your new MyEmail@outlook.com webmail address. However, I put the steps for upgrading your email address last in the article which isn’t very visible to people interested in upgrading. So in the interest of clearly explaining to people how to get your Outlook.com email address, here are the steps again:

How to get an Outlook.com Email Address

Microsoft has made it very straightforward for existing Hotmail users to upgrade their accounts to Outlook.com. Likewise they have also made getting your new outlook.com email address as painless as possible.

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