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Programatically Connecting to MS Exchange Using EWS

You can do a lot with your code when you write an application that communicates with your Exchange server. But getting the setup to work for you in Visual Studio isn’t always as intuitive as it should be. Here are the steps I went through getting my project in Visual Studio set up and connecting to MS Exchange.
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Configuring a Web Server to Allow Excel File Creation via the Interop.Excel Namespace

In an earlier article I covered how to generate Excel reports on the fly using the Interop.Excel Namespace.

This is a really handy technique that also gives you full control over the minutia of the document you are creating. However the catch in using this technique is that you will need to update the configuration of your Web server to allow Web users to trigger Excel on your Web server. This can mean some pretty drastic security changes and possible loopholes in your Web server’s security so you should do a risk analysis before choosing this method.

In this article I will review the Web server security updates that need to be made to allow using the Interop.Excel Namespace to generate Excel documents for your Web site.

Please note that since I am developing this site for an Intranet, I am not as concerned with locking down the server. If you are working with a server that is exposed to the Web then you will want to review these security changes much more thoroughly.

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Microsoft’s New Outlook.com and Why You Should Care

So with all of the hype surrounding Microsoft’s new Outlook.com webmail system, one has to ask oneself exactly what the benefits are to this new system. Is Outlook.com just another online email service just like the rest? Or is there something unique that distinguishes it from similar systems by Google or Yahoo?

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