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GridView OnRowUpdated how to get the Edited Row

GridView Example
GridView Example

This article deals with the GridView WebForms .NET control; in particular with how to detect and record changes after the user has saved data in the GridView.

Sometimes using WebForms controls is not well documented and unintuitive, which is the case with the onRowUpdated event, where a lot of information available online is incorrect or misleading. I hope my findings in this article help you. If they do (or if they don’t), then please leave a comment.

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Detecting and Upleveling ASP.NET Pages for IE11

It’s considered best-practice to do browser detection based on features rather than the more error-prone detection based on the user-agent. For example, see this Microsoft browser identification best practices article for how they suggest you structure your Internet Explorer detection scripts by making user of the ASP.NET HttpBrowserCapabilities Object.

If you are interested in reading more about the problems ASP.NET has recently had with IE10 and IE11, please check out my related article on the subject

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