Example Pure CSS Family Tree Markup

Family Tree Hierarchy
Family Tree Hierarchy

There are a number of ways to generate and display hierarchical data in a visually appealing tree-like structure. The best way, of course, is to not have to rely on external libraries, and to deal with pure markup. Continue reading “Example Pure CSS Family Tree Markup”

Powershell Local File Manipulation Basic Example

In this article I’ll show a super simple example of an MS Powershell script that you can use to check for the existence of a File or Folder on your local system, and then to create a text file with a Date stamp of the current time.

This sort of functionality can be used for a variety of reasons and can be handy when creating simple logging scripts triggered by a windows scheduled service (aka: Windows Task scheduler). Continue reading “Powershell Local File Manipulation Basic Example”

Android and iOS: Setting Default Web Page Zoom Level and Stopping Form Field Zoom on Focus

If you are developing a Web form for clean viewing on Android and iOS devices, then you’ll likely end up wanting to handle the zoom level at which your page initially loads, as well as possibly disabling distracting auto-zooms from happening if the user focuses on a form field element. Obviously in small forms this isn’t much of an issue, but in larger more functional forms, this can cause frustration and user confusion. Continue reading “Android and iOS: Setting Default Web Page Zoom Level and Stopping Form Field Zoom on Focus”