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Three Free Online Code Sandbox and Collaboration Tools for SQL, .NET, JavaScript

Being able to write and test code snippets in your Web browser in collaboration with others anywhere in the world is an empowering experience. This is especially true when the tool is free for anyone to use. I can see no better way for developers to learn new languages or code better applications when the old-school barriers of software and hardware are removed.

In the realms of coding for JavaScript, SQL, and .NET, I am aware of three very useful environments that I would suggest: JSFiddle, SQL Fiddle, and .NET Fiddle. In the article below I will briefly describe the capabilities of each tool and how they will give your programming efforts an edge. Continue reading “Three Free Online Code Sandbox and Collaboration Tools for SQL, .NET, JavaScript”

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WordPress Source Code Support Options


Up until today I thought that the only way to show source code in a WordPress.com blog site was to use the <pre></pre> OR <tt></tt> OR <code></code> tags.

In the past I’ve found that these tags are alright for showing small code snippets, but they do nothing to enhance the readability of larger or more involved blocks of code. Often I’ve found code samples that I’ve posted using these tags is more confusing than helpful.

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Change a File Extension in Windows

In this article I will review how to make file extensions visible in MS Windows so that one can change the file type. I’ll also cover how to do this in MS DOS. I’m not going to cover how to globally change the settings in your control panel, but instead how to change the settings while viewing the file with the extension you’d like to change.

Overall the basics have stayed the same in the many iterations of Windows. However each new version of Windows seems to introduce one or two gotchas into the process.

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