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How to Setup RemoteApp to Connect Without a Password Prompt

With Windows Server 2008 and 2012 you can now stream applications from the server to each user’s desktop. This means that the application looks like it is running locally on the user’s machine, when in fact it is running from the server.

RemoteApp is great for centralizing applications in a corporate environment, and simplifies maintenance since the applications are running on a single machine optimized to host them rather than from each user’s machine (each possibly with different hardware, a different Operating System, and an almost unlimited number of different configuration settings). Continue reading “How to Setup RemoteApp to Connect Without a Password Prompt”

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A Basic Look into WPAD

WPAD stands for Web Proxy Auto-Discovery protocol. At this point in time it’s still supported by most browsers although it is an old protocol now. Most companies don’t rely on WPAD because of its inherent vulnerability to man in the middle attacks. Continue reading “A Basic Look into WPAD”