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ClosedXML Nicely Formatted Header Row

Nice Header Row in Excel
Nice Header Row in Excel

In this article I’ll show a simple example of nicely formatting a header row in a generated Excel document (using the open source ClosedXML library).

If you would first like some background into setting up and calling functions using .Net and the ClosedXML library, have a look at a previous article I wrote, or visit my site (jwcooney.com) and browse the available categories. Continue reading “ClosedXML Nicely Formatted Header Row”

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Using ClosedXML.Excel with ASP.NET to Generate Excel Documents on the Fly

I’ve been playing around with the ClosedXML.Excel library for creating or reading MS Excel documents in your ASP.NET code. Bottom line is that this tool is going to save you a lot of time:
  1. In simplifying your task of putting the Workbook and Worksheets together
  2. and I can’t stress enough how much time this will save you from trying to re-jig your Web server to serve Excel documents using the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel library.

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