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SharePoint Error Event 6398 – Part 2 of Dealing with this Error

Event 6398
Event 6398

Earlier I wrote about fixing the SharePoint Event 6389 Application errors that can congest your Server Event logs. The way I reduced the frequency of errors in that article was to remove and then re-add the distributed cache service instance. However even with this fix in place, this nasty error can keep cropping up its head and congest your Server Application Error logs.

The follow-up step to do after you remove and then re-add the distributed cache service instance, is to change the settings for the job in SharePoint itself. Basically, it runs too often and sometimes seems to lock itself.


To reduce or even completely get rid of this error event, you can address it directly in SharePoint Central Administration. To manage it, take the following steps:

  1. Start up SharePoint Central Administration
  2. Click the Monitoring link on the left hand navigation bar
  3. Click on Review job definitions under the Timer Jobs heading
  4. In the Job Definitions screen click the Job History link that shows in the left hand navigation bar
  5. In the Job History screen look at the rightmost View option
  6. Change the View option from All to Failed Jobs
  7. Locate the failure by time and message based on what you saw in your Windows Event logs (it should say something about Feed Cache Repopulation Job)
  8. Click on the failed job to view and edit its properties

Now that you are editing the properties of the job, you’ll need to decide how to edit it to fix it.

Personally, I saw in the job properties that it was scheduled to run every 5 minutes. The event error would only appear once or twice a day. From this error behavior I’m assuming there is some kind of randomly happening lock or timeout. Further, I don’t see why this job would have to run every five minutes… is this super-frequent repopulation really necessary?

Anyway, since the errors seem to be related to the frequency of the run, I changed the service to run once an hour with a generous starting time. So far this has done the trick quite nicely and I haven’t seen any further errors in the log files.


2 thoughts on “SharePoint Error Event 6398 – Part 2 of Dealing with this Error”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Simple enough, but, I think, the appropriate solution!

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