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Quick Steps to Enable Flight Mode with WiFi on Android 5.0.2

This is just a short reminder on how to get to the flight mode menu in Android 5.0.2 . There are many guides on this subject, but for my own purposes and reference, here are my notes on how to do it.

Note that the steps will likely be different for earlier/later versions of Android. I am using a Galaxy Tab S, so the steps may also vary depending on Android customizations your device manufacturer may have made. In general, though, the steps should remain reasonably similar to the ones I describe across devices and Android versions.

If you are travelling outside your service provider’s coverage area, it is important to avoid being hit with unexpected roaming charges. Disabling your cellular connection while you are outside your service provider’s coverage area is an important precaution and can be done by enabling Flight mode on your device.

Also, you’ll probably want to note that by default, the flight mode setting disables both cellular data (LTE, 3G, etc.) and WiFi. In most cases this is alright, but you’ll want to know how to enable WiFi while keeping the cellular data disabled for when you arrive. For example, when you reach your hotel you may want to check out the news over the hotel’s complimentary WiFi access.

** If you simply want to enable flight mode quickly without enabling WiFi, just click the power button. Flight mode will appear as an option alongside the option to power off your device.

Here are the steps to enable flight mode and also keep WiFi enabled:

  1. Click the Settings option in your tablet (or click the power button)
  2. On the default tab shown (Connections) the furth option down should be Flight mode with a little slider beside it
  3. Pull the slider beside Flight mode so it is green.
  4. Congratulations, Flight mode is now enabled and both your Cellular data and WiFi should show as disabled.
    1. Double check that you see the connections disappear from the top right display of your device. They should be replaced with the image of an airplane, showing that you are completely disconnected. You can stop here if you are travelling and want neither cellular or WiFi enabled
  5. Now look at the first option in the options list titled Wi-Fi. The slider beside it should be gray, meaning your WiFi is not active.
  6. Pull the WiFi slider so it is green. You should now have only WiFi access and no LTE/3G/4G.
    1. If you are at a new WiFi connection you’ll need to enter the connection information in order to start using the WiFi.



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