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Notes on Finding your Site Map and RSS Feed for Bing and Google

Site Map and RSS
Site Map and RSS

You can find this information scattered all over the Web, but I want to make a note of where to find your WordPress XML Site Map and RSS feed.

By the way, the Site Map and RSS feed URLs are just for sites hosted on and not self-hosted WordPress sites, but the WebMaster Tools information is applicable to everyone.

Knowing the location of your RSS and Site Map is especially useful information to have at hand when you are registering  your site with Bing or Google. In both search engines it’s a good idea to submit both your RSS feed and your Site Map to their site maps section. 

Basically I’m putting together this article to keep a list of useful links in place to refer to when managing one’s WordPress Web site. I have some other articles that cover general Web development topics that you might find interesting if you found this article useful.

You can find your WordPress RSS feed at:

[Your Site URL]/Feed/

For example: my site’s feed is at:

You can find your WordPress XML Site Map at:

[Your Site URL]/sitemap.xml

For example: my site’s Site Map is at:

More Granular RSS Feed Locations

The neat thing is that you can find various versions of your RSS feed on your WordPress site as well. If you want to find an Atom version of your feed, just browse to:

[Your Site URL]/Feed/Atom

For example: my site’s Atom version Site Map is at:

Even cooler is that you can get RSS feed information for certain categories of your site using the syntax:

[Your Site URL]/category/[category name]/Feed/

So since I have a category called Software, you can get the RSS feed for the Software category from:

Here is a great article on WordPress about the different locations for your RSS feeds.

Further Reading About WordPress Site Maps

There is some other great information about Site Maps out there. If you’d like to read more about WordPress site maps, have a look the the FAQ article.

Also check out this Google article about how to submit your site map.

Where to Manage Your Site In Google and Bing WebMaster Tools

I keep forgetting the URL for Google Webmaster Tools so I’m listing the links to Google and Bing below. Even though both Webmaster Tools are  linked from the tools section of your WordPress site management section, I don’t want to have to log in each time I want to see how my site is doing. Here are the URLs for Bing and Google Webmaster Tools:




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