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The 10 Best and Worst Web Site Valuation Tools

I’ve been looking at various tools that allow you to see your Web site’s statistics and that will try to give you an approximate valuation based on various criteria such as search engine rankings, site age, and estimated traffic to the site.

Some of these tools work quite well and have impressed me with the level of detail in what they analyze. However others seem to either do very little, serve incorrect statistics, or sometimes even not work at all.

The Good

Here are the good site statistics and valuators that I have found

  1. http :// – I was quite impressed with this tool. It took the URL I entered and quickly and efficiently began showing quite detailed statistics. Although the number of site statistics presented was less than displayed, this tool does cover the major points of interest.Along with the statistics presented the tool provides thorough descriptions of what is being shown. As a final bonus the tool runs a feature that is currently in beta called URL Marketability Anaylsis, which presents interesting value information based on the characteristics of the URL that you submitted.Regarding actual valuation, the tests I ran seemed to value sites towards the middle range of the spectrum.Overall I would strongly suggest checking out this tool.
  2.– I did like using this tool. It generates data quickly and is quite detailed in what it shows. The statistics that it shows are accurate which is great since so many of the tools I tested presented me with incorrect statistics. The tool generates a nice summary at the top of its results page that details its findings and explains how it achieved its estimate for your site’s value. The tool will update the statistics on your Web site every 48 hours which is quite good.I found the valuation this tool gives to sites to lean to the middle range of the spectrum. In general I’d say its valuations are quite conservative.

The Bad

Here are the site statistics valuators that I was not very impressed with or that just did not work:

  1.– This tool promises much, but I tried searching several times in three different browsers, as well as from computers at different locations. But nowhere that I tried to run the tool from was I able to get further than a loading popup that quickly vanished. I could not see my URL submission under their tool’s Upcoming site list so my best guess is that the tool isn’t working at all. Cubestat promises to renew it’s information about your site every two weeks, but I could not get it to even register my site.I was never able to get to the valuation section for this tool, so I don’t know how accurate its sites valuation is.
  2. – This tool looks quite slick at first glance, but when I tried submitting a site I received PHP error codes. When I re-visited the tool, I saw an entry had been created for the URL I submitted under the Latest Website category. I did see some data there, but the statistics shown were relatively underwhelming. I hope the tool’s owners fix the problem with PHP code showing when a URL is submitted, but in the meantime I suggest using another tool.I found the valuation the tool gives to sites to perhaps be on the slightly high end of the spectrum, but overall the valuation still seems quite reasonable.
  3.– This tool came close to impressing me when I first looked at it, but unfortunately it quickly fell short by showing google debugging error messages at the top of the evaluation results. Even worse, when I tried using the tool a day later, it was down entirely.When the tool was working, some of the evaluation functions appear to have failed so many of the statistics for the URL that I submitted were missing and some seemed just plain wrong. I did like the clear break-down of information in the results, but unfortunately I can’t suggest using this site because of the missing/incorrect data that I saw displayed.I could not assess it’s valuation since the second time I tried to access the tool it was completely down.
  4. – I liked this tool a lot at first glance, but then I felt troubled by inaccuracies that I found in its results. All in all the tool runs quickly and presents a large amount of detailed results in a nice, easy to read fashion which I really like. On the downside it did seem to have trouble finding some information such as the age of the Web site that I submitted. Even worse, it said that the test site I submitted exists in the DMOZ and Yahoo directories, when I know for a fact that it does not. I hate to be negative about this tool because it just seems so neat, but for now I have to warn that if you do use it, exercise caution as the results did not appear to be correct when I used the tool.This tool values sites in a very conservative fashion, often stating prices so low as to make the valuation seem quite unbelievable. With the numerous errors in its statistics and strange valuation I would not put any faith into quotes from this tool.
  5.– The results from this tool are pretty much the same list of statistics that most Web site valuation tools use, but I was not impressed when it incorrectly reported that the site I had submitted exists in the DMOZ and Yahoo directories. Although the remaining statistics did appear to be accurate, I could not include this site among the good because of the problem with reporting false positives on the DMOZ and Yahoo directory listings.This tool values sites towards the lower spectrum, and combined with the incorrectness of its statistics I would not put much faith into the valuation presented to you.
  6. – Although the tool ran quickly, I was not impressed with the data that it generated. I tried submitting a URL that I know does not exist in either the Yahoo or the DMOZ directories, but this tool gave a false positive on the Yahoo directory. The rest of the data seemed correct, but can also be obtained from any of the other tools that do the same thing. I may not be doing this tool justice, but I must say that I would not use it as my main tool for evaluating a Web site’s worth.This tool values sites towards the middle end of the spectrum. However due to the statistical inaccuracies I saw in my tests I would not much faith in the results.
  7.– I do like that this tool allows you to quickly view your Google and Yahoo links and back-links. The statistics that were shown in the valuation report were rudimentary and not very relevant for the URL I was testing. In general I would like to see more statistics to justify the tool’s cost valuations.This tool does not present an overall valuation for your site, but does estimate expected daily ads revenue. The estimate seemed conservative, but potentially accurate.
  8. http : / / www . statshow . com – Update: I reviewed this site in 2011 and it suffered a compromise sometime in 2012. Since it was compromised in 2012, the site is no longer in service. In mid 2012 Google marked this site as dangerous and it it was suspected at that time that it may contain malware. Bottom line: I like this tool. It took the URL I entered and quickly ran computations to come up with a site value. I really like the comprehensive details that it outputs after it has checked your site. The button to update the statistics for a site I submitted is grayed out even after a day’s delay, so I am not sure at what frequency one can re-submit a URL for analysis.The valuation presented by the tool seems quite conservative, leaning to the low end of the spectrum. I like that it also offers an estimate of daily ads revenue. You can also view a site’s proposed revenue per day, per month, and even per year; a feature which is great.Because I like the details and simplicity of using this tool I definitely give it top marks.


I hope that this review of the ten best and worst Web site valuation tools has been useful. Bear in mind that these results are entirely my opinion and the accuracy of these tools in evaluating Web sites is subject to change as the owners of the tools either fix or stop maintaining them.

If you are doing an actual valuation of your Web site you would be best off using the numbers provided by these tools as hints, but not taking them too seriously. The actual valuations given by these tools fluctuates quite dramatically based on the tool itself so I wouldn’t put too much faith in the accuracy of the valuations.

As always I welcome any comments you might have related to this subject!


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