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TwentyFeet Review – Useful Tool for Twitter and Social Media Statistics

TwentyFeet Social Media Metrics Aggregator
TwentyFeet Social Media Metrics Aggregator

For the past few weeks I have been trying out the free version of the online social media statistics reporting service provided by TwentyFeet. I like monitoring my social media statistics, and was quite happy when I came across this tool. I have tried quite a few tools, but I like the comprehensiveness and ease of use of TwentyFeet and would definitely suggest trying it out if you have not already done so.

TwentyFeet provides free monitoring of one Twitter account and one Facebook profile. If you like the free version of the service and want to hook up more accounts, the site also offers metrics for YouTube, MySpace, and Google Analytics on a paid-for basis. Some sites also suggest that they are planning to add support for WordPress, which I will be interested in trying out.

The TwentyFeet UI is slick, modern, and straightforward to use. With my Twitter account hooked up they have been gathering statistics for me for the past few weeks. When I log into my dashboard I am able to see overview graphs of my followers (+/-), my mentions and retweets, replies and direct tweets, new followers and un-subscribers, and list subscriber and member numbers.

It is absolutely great to have all of these metrics aggregated on one page for me to review. To see more details (for example to see new Twitter followers for a particular day), I can click on the graphed point in my followers time-line chart, and I will be taken to a details page showing me exactly what I want to see. This is absolutely great in my opinion.

As and added bonus, the  TwentyFeet UI offers an Activity Stream overview on the right hand sidebar. This sidebar shows a stream major events (both positive and negative) on a per day basis. This stream also offers the option to view detailed reports on the event in question.

Along with their slick UI, they have a comprehensive wiki to answer any questions you may have. If you do find the TwentyFeet service useful, the costs for adding functionality appear quite reasonable and are certainly worthwhile.

With a tool this exceptional, I think this company/service will go far. It is definitely worth checking out if you have not already done so.



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