Martin Cooney’s Work in Robotics and AI Programming

Martin Cooney & Robot

My bother Martin Cooney is currently studying robotics at Osaka University in Japan. He just finished his Master’s with flying colors and is now working on getting published and possibly a doctorate! Quite impressive!

Martin’s Master’s thesis is titled “Recognition of ‘full-body gestures’ using inertial sensors for playful interaction with small humanoid”. He is constantly working on new and interesting projects and enjoys building robots as a hobby.

One of his undergraduate computer science projects was quite interesting as well. He was working on modelling group dynamics among Wolves and Muskoxen in a research topic called “Wolf-muskox interaction in the Arctic (Wolves red, Muskoxen brown, lake blue)”. His project was written in c++ and was quite interesting from both a code perspective as well as from the perspective of the rules involved surrounding individual sprites behaviors when part of a group and how this affects the group as a whole.

Here is a link to his current homepage:

And here is his old homepage:


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