T-SQL to Enforce Proper Case Capitalization

Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word
Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word

This handy-dandy T-SQL query will take any input string and capitalize the start of each word within the string. It will also enforce proper use of lower-case throughout the string without affecting query performance too severely. This query assumes that you are working with titles, user names, or place names where you want to make sure that the first letter of each word is capitalized. Continue reading “T-SQL to Enforce Proper Case Capitalization”


SQL Server 2000: Passing a List with XML

SQL Server 2000 is an old database platform now, but it is still fairly widely used. That’s why it’s good to know how to pass a list of parameters to a stored procedure on the SQL Server 2000 database platform. Likewise, the code is forwards compatible and will work with more modern versions of SQL Server such as 2008.

Have a look here if you are looking for a working example of passing XML to a stored procedure using SQL Server 2008. Continue reading “SQL Server 2000: Passing a List with XML”