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SharePoint: Addressing Seemingly Random Critical Error Event 6398

Event 6398
Event 6398

I was running both a SharePoint 2013 and a SharePoint 2016 standard edition installation with stock, out of the box setups. Seemingly randomly, and on the same day, both started generating Critical Event 6398 Errors once every hour that looked like the error below:

By the way, also check out part #2 of this solution to check out what to do next after this. Continue reading “SharePoint: Addressing Seemingly Random Critical Error Event 6398”

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SharePoint 2016: Granular Control Over Which Top Menu Options Appear


In the out of the box installation of SharePoint 2016 there are three options for users to click in the leftmost settings area of the top menu bar. These are: access Yammer online, OneDrive, and access each user’s personal site in SharePoint. In this article I will describe how to individually show or hide each one using simple CSS styling in your site’s master page. Continue reading “SharePoint 2016: Granular Control Over Which Top Menu Options Appear”

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Customizing the Top Bar in SharePoint 2016 (On-Premesis)

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to customize the top SharePoint branding bar that decorates your SharePoint 2016 sites. Rather than going into why this exists and why it is not always/ever desirable, I will go into how to get rid of the least useful features. The key point here is getting rid of something which may add no value to your site and may in fact be annoying your users. Continue reading “Customizing the Top Bar in SharePoint 2016 (On-Premesis)”