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SharePoint 2013: Configuration Settings to Allow EMails Into SharePoint

One really neat feature of SharePoint is that you can allow people to send emails to your SharePoint server and have the emails and their attachments be added to a List or a Library. For example, if you have a help desk Discussion list, then you could allow users to send their questions as emails to the discussion where they appear in the SharePoint list along with any attachments. Continue reading “SharePoint 2013: Configuration Settings to Allow EMails Into SharePoint”

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Notes on Writing T-SQL LDAP Queries Using ADSI OPENQUERY

Active Directory
Active Directory

When you are working with Active Directory on your network, then it can be difficult to get a clear picture for how your particular instance of Active Directory is structured. I’ve been writing T-SQL LDAP queries using ADSI OPENQUERY and have been having fun trying to find where some of the values I’m looking for are stored. Continue reading “Notes on Writing T-SQL LDAP Queries Using ADSI OPENQUERY”