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Temporarily Bypassing the GPO: Access to TEMP has been restricted by your Administrator

It can happen that when you are trying to install new software on your device, the installation gets only so far and then mysteriously vanishes without completing the installation. This can happen for various reasons, but in this example, we’ll handle the cause as a policy set by system administrators to protect users from malware trying to exploit their system.

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Windows Penetration Testing Links

Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing

The Web is a dangerous place, and is getting more dangerous as attackers develop increasingly sophisticated techniques to compromise systems.

In this article I have put together a random collection of links that contain useful penetration testing tools and resources for the Windows environment. This list is current as of August 2013, but I’m sure it will quickly change as industry adapts to the ever growing number of attacks. Continue reading “Windows Penetration Testing Links”

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Malware Hunting – Reviewing the Best Scanners

Identifying Malware
Identifying Malware

I am interested in computer security issues and have often had to investigate infections with a variety of different systems. As I mentioned in a previous article, relying on a single antivirus solution to handle an infection can be a lesson in futility.

If you are investigating a machine, then you will need to know how to differentiate good files from malware files. In the article below I will review the various options available for determining how safe a file really is. The tools I am reviewing are specific to Microsoft Windows. I have categorized the tools into online MD5/SHA-1 hash scannersFile Upload Scanners, and downloadable scanning applications. Continue reading “Malware Hunting – Reviewing the Best Scanners”