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The Top 3 Free Regular Expression Editors of 2013

I’ve decided to have a look at what the open-source/shareware market has to offer these days when it comes to text editors that can handle regular expressions.

I have been using EditPad Lite to test and run my regular expressions, and in the past 10 or so years I have not been able to find any tool that even comes close to being as useful. This time around I tested two other options that have been given good reviews: Notepad++ and PSPad.

Here are my findings from looking into EditPad Lite, Notepad++, and  PSPad.

Also if you find this review interesting, I did a review back in 2011 of the top online regular expression testing tools at that time. Feel free to have a look, and let me know what you think!

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JQuery with ASP.NET: Save Copy / Paste Excel Data to a Database Table

Have you ever wanted to help your users move data from Excel to your Web application? In this article I will give an example in ASP.NET that takes copied Excel spreadsheet rows from the user’s clipboard and saves the information to a SQL Server database table.

Since ASP.NET runs at the server level, you will need to use JavaScript/JQuery to get the Excel information from the user’s clipboard. You will need to use a different command to get the information depending on the user’s browser. In this example, I code specifically for Internet Explorer, but this is just since I am giving an example. In a real-world application you would code for all of the major browsers. Continue reading “JQuery with ASP.NET: Save Copy / Paste Excel Data to a Database Table”

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Useful Regular Expressions for Validating a URL and Validating an Email

In this article I’ll cover two useful regular expressions that often come in handy when writing validation logic for a Web page. Most programmers will find they need to either validate a URL or an Email at some point, and the example expressions below are the most commonly used versions of each expression.

I’m not sure who originally created  each of these expressions, so I have no idea who I can give the credit for these to, but they have helped me often. Bottom line for these two examples is that I like to use the example expressions found in an article on NetTuts+/ and modify them to meet my needs.

Since I’m mentioning the site, I definitely suggest browsing over to it if you are looking for further reading about regular expressions including sample code and reference material.

Also, have a look at a free online regular expression tool by Derek Slager. You can use this tool to test your regular expressions if you don’t have a program on your computer to do so. I have spent quite some time trying to find a good online regular expression testing tool, but every one I have found is either too expensive, or full of advertising, so this tool is definitely worth checking out.

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