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Windows 2012: Update IE Settings for all Users with GPEdit

The most straightforward way to apply blanket updates to Internet Explorer settings for all users on a particular machine is to use the GPUpdate.msc tool to set the local group policy. Finding where these settings are in the group policy can be a challenge in itself.

In the following article I will review:

  1. Where to go in the local group policy to enable IE compatibility mode for a specific site on your local network
  2. How to set what sites are considered to be on your local network
  3. How to change an advanced setting for sites on your local network
  4. Dealing with IE  Enhanced Security Configuration errors

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Allow Single Sign-on for RemoteApps in Windows 2012

In RemoteApps for Windows Server 2012 the support for .RDP and .MSI file distribution has been discontinued in favor of using the Web portal method. In this article I will review how to allow single sign-on for users on a LAN for RemoteApps hosted by Windows Server 2012. Continue reading “Allow Single Sign-on for RemoteApps in Windows 2012”

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Enabling Classic ASP on IIS8 (Windows Server 2012)

IIS 8.5 on Windows 2012 R2
IIS 8.5 on Windows 2012 R2

Getting Classic ASP to run on IIS8.5 comes with a few gotchas that can easily cause problems well beyond what you might expect. In the article below I’ll review the general steps and guidelines that I figured out through trial and error by going through the process myself. Continue reading “Enabling Classic ASP on IIS8 (Windows Server 2012)”