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ClosedXML Nicely Formatted Header Row

Nice Header Row in Excel
Nice Header Row in Excel

In this article I’ll show a simple example of nicely formatting a header row in a generated Excel document (using the open source ClosedXML library).

If you would first like some background into setting up and calling functions using .Net and the ClosedXML library, have a look at a previous article I wrote, or visit my site (jwcooney.com) and browse the available categories. Continue reading “ClosedXML Nicely Formatted Header Row”

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Thoughts About Desktop Shortcuts to Web Sites in Windows 10

MS Windows 10
MS Windows 10

If you have sites that you access routinely (like my site: http://jwcooney.com), then you’ll likely want a quicker solution to opening up the browser of your choice and then searching through your bookmarks for the site you want to go to. It’s often easier just to directly type the URL into your browser than using awkward bookmarks. Luckily you have a few options in Windows 10. Continue reading “Thoughts About Desktop Shortcuts to Web Sites in Windows 10”

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Access the Internet from your PC Through your Android Phone

Ok, so this is a cool option for getting Internet access for your PC through your 3G/4G/LTE phone or Tablet that is known as tethering. I hadn’t tried it out much before, but now that I have, it’s really useful. Note that this may come with charges depending on your phone’s Data Plan, so keep an eye on your data once you are tethered.

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