Parsing an RDF Format RSS Feed in VB.NET

Some RSS feeds are published in a format called RDF which has a schema that’s very different from your standard RSS feed. It’s actually different enough that your standard XPath expression may not work to filter your results when you apply¬†SelectNodes(“/rss/abc”) to the XML document

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Simple CSS Only Flip Effect for a Div


Adding a flip effect to content on your Web page can be a handy way to show extra content. In this case, I’m showing an example flip effect that happens on the click of a button above the area. You can click the button multiple times to have the front or the back of the flip area show. Continue reading “Simple CSS Only Flip Effect for a Div”

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How to Loop Through an Excel Spreadsheet in a .NET Application

Import data from MS Excel into your .NET code

MS Excel is a great tool that a lot of employees at a company are very familiar with using. It helps structure and organize data in a way that is very intuitive to users without the users needing to be especially technical. So it should come as no surprise that sometimes you will want to write code to interface with data from Excel. Continue reading “How to Loop Through an Excel Spreadsheet in a .NET Application”