Basic Example of using the ASP.NET FileUpload to Save into a Database

Here is a super-simple bare-bones example of an ASP.NET Web form page in C# that uses the .NET FileUpload component to allow a user to upload a file into a SQL Server database table. I’ve put this together as a template to show just how easy it is to do and how few lines of actual code the process actually requires. Surprisingly the examples I found online and at the Microsoft support site were incomplete or had errors, so this is my attempt at making things clear. Continue reading “Basic Example of using the ASP.NET FileUpload to Save into a Database”


T-SQL Find Highly Populated Tables in a Database

When you are working with an unfamiliar database, such as a third-party SQL Server database, you want to find out which tables actually store the important data. If there is no clean database diagram, then the best option is to write a T-SQL query in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

If you are interested in this topic, then I’d suggest also reading my article on batch searching your SQL Server database to find out in which tables the information is being stored.

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