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Enabling Classic ASP on IIS8 (Windows Server 2012)

IIS 8.5 on Windows 2012 R2
IIS 8.5 on Windows 2012 R2

Getting Classic ASP to run on IIS8.5 comes with a few gotchas that can easily cause problems well beyond what you might expect. In the article below I’ll review the general steps and guidelines that I figured out through trial and error by going through the process myself. Continue reading “Enabling Classic ASP on IIS8 (Windows Server 2012)”

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Classic ASP – Example of a Basic Database Connection (SQLOLEDB)

Classic ASP Revisited
Classic ASP Revisited

I’m revisiting some classic ASP functionality, and in this case I’m reviewing how to set up a simple database connection to a SQL Server database. There are of course several ways to get this to work, and in this case we will use the SQLOLEDB provider.

Classic ASP is Still Used and Maintained

There are many applications built 10+ years ago, or still being built using the classic ASP framework. In my opinion this was a solid and very usable framework. ASP has been supplanted long ago by the ASP.NET framework which qualifies as a full programming language with a vast library of functionality to call on. However ASP is still used and does provide a simple and efficient way to get the job done.

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Classic ASP Revisited: A Simple Name Parsing Function

Classic ASP Revisited
Classic ASP Revisited

Recently I was asked to update our homegrown timesheet application that had been written years ago in classic ASP. The update was simply to take a user name in the string format ‘Last Name, First Name’ and convert this to our company standard email format of FirstLetterofFirstName + LastName + @companyname.com

Now it has been years since I wrote any classic ASP, so it took a little bit of looking into the various functions to refresh my memory.

I made use of the following Classic ASP functions:

  • On Error Resume Next – to imitate¬†standard try – catch block behavior
  • The Split(BaseString, Separator) function to separate the name string
  • The Left( function to get the first letter of the first name from the string array
  • The UBound( function to get the last entry in the name array
  • The Replace(BaseString, StringToBeReplaced, ReplacementString)
  • The LCase( function. Alternately I remember also finding the UCase function to be quite useful on occasion.

Here is a test version of the code snippet I ended up using: Continue reading “Classic ASP Revisited: A Simple Name Parsing Function”