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Example of Setting up a Blank Windows Service in Visual Studio 2017

When you are creating a new Windows Service Application in NET, you can’t simply generate the project and then click F5 to debug in Visual Studio. You need to follow a few setup steps to get the service to work. In the article below I’ll explain the basics along with a code sample. Continue reading “Example of Setting up a Blank Windows Service in Visual Studio 2017”

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VSTO Add a Menu Item to Outlook and Save an Email into SharePoint

SharePoint Documents List
SharePoint Documents List

Some really cool functionality that you can put together is to automate saving emails from your Outlook email application to be stored in a SharePoint document list. This lets your users keep using the tools they are comfortable working with (such as Outlook), but helps make sure that important emails are backed up to a reliable storage and reporting medium like SharePoint with as little effort on the user’s part as possible.   Continue reading “VSTO Add a Menu Item to Outlook and Save an Email into SharePoint”

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GridView OnRowUpdated how to get the Edited Row

GridView Example
GridView Example

This article deals with the GridView WebForms .NET control; in particular with how to detect and record changes after the user has saved data in the GridView.

Sometimes using WebForms controls is not well documented and unintuitive, which is the case with the onRowUpdated event, where a lot of information available online is incorrect or misleading. I hope my findings in this article help you. If they do (or if they don’t), then please leave a comment.

By the way, if you find the information I’m giving is useful, then have a look at some of the other WebForms related articles I’ve written. Continue reading “GridView OnRowUpdated how to get the Edited Row”