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Irregular Font Letter Spacing in IE11

Letter spacing in Internet Explorer 11 will sometimes appear completely irregular with some letters having more white space on their right hand side than other letters.
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IIS6 – Change the ASP.NET Version Without Restarting the W3SVC Service Using Aspnet_regiis.exe

Changing the ASP.NET version of a Web site in IIS6 using the IIS Manager GUI requires a restart of the W3SVC service. This means that all sites on your Web server will be affected and sessions will be lost. This isn’t really desirable behavior if you are hosting more than one site on a Web Server.

Although one doesn’t often need to upgrade the ASP.NET version of a Web site, it’s important to know how to do so without affecting the remaining sites on the server.

Also, when you are creating a new Web site IIS6 doesn’t allow you to select the version of ASP.NET that you want to use. This is a problem since you must first set the site up, and IIS will default behind the scenes to an ASP.NET version of its choosing (usually the lowest version of ASP.NET you have installed on the server).

In either case of creating a brand new site, or upgrading an existing site it is important to know how to change the version of ASP.NET without needing to affect all of the sites on your Web server by restarting the W3SVC service.

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Outlook Custom Add-In to Archive Emails on Send Based on Keyword in Subject Line (Visual Studio 2010)


The great thing about the Microsoft technology stack is that things tend to work together without the need to download and install unfamiliar libraries from unknown sources.  I continue to be impressed by how Microsoft centralizes its code libraries with Visual Studio and .NET 4 to make most development tasks quite seamless.

For example I am working on an add-on component for MS Outlook 2007 that will help people archive their sent emails by including a keyword in the subject line of their email.

Visual Studio has default project templates for Office, including templates for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Happily enough, the code required to interface with Outlook is auto-generated behind the scenes and the programmer simply has to worry about writing the actual logic of the component. This is a big step forward from how things used to be!

Another big plus for my development efforts is the set-up and deployment project template that Microsoft has included with Visual Studio. Once my Outlook component has been fully coded I can simply create a Deployment project to send out to users. That way a user can install my component simply by clicking the ‘Next’ button on an installer wizard.

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