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JQuery with ASP.NET: Save Copy / Paste Excel Data to a Database Table

Have you ever wanted to help your users move data from Excel to your Web application? In this article I will give an example in ASP.NET that takes copied Excel spreadsheet rows from the user’s clipboard and saves the information to a SQL Server database table.

Since ASP.NET runs at the server level, you will need to use JavaScript/JQuery to get the Excel information from the user’s clipboard. You will need to use a different command to get the information depending on the user’s browser. In this example, I code specifically for Internet Explorer, but this is just since I am giving an example. In a real-world application you would code for all of the major browsers. Continue reading “JQuery with ASP.NET: Save Copy / Paste Excel Data to a Database Table”

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Correcting: SELECT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: ‘ARITHABORT’

This error showed up on a stored procedure that I was trying to execute from an ASP.NET Web page. The strange part was that I could execute the stored procedure directly from SSMS without any problems.

The procedure was very simple in its design, but the database I was working in was new to me and I had very limited access. The procedure was set up to receive an XML parameter and then to do a bulk insert into a table from the XML. Continue reading “Correcting: SELECT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: ‘ARITHABORT’”

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C# Example of a GridView Tied to a SQLDataSource

GridView Example
GridView Example

So what’s the simplest way to build a Web-based interface for a basic database table? In this article I’ll provide a fully working example with a minimum of code.

This is a useful feature to be able to put together, especially when you are catering to power users who should be able to help maintain their own data without needing to call you each time. Continue reading “C# Example of a GridView Tied to a SQLDataSource”