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Problems with jQuery Modal Dialog Inside Partial Postacks (ie: a .NET UpdatePanel)

Problems with jQuery Modal Dialogs problem can happen in a number of ways (see some of my other articles on the subject). This time, it was that I used a jQuery Modal Dialog inside of an ASP.NET UpdatePanel. After some looking around, what seems to be happening is that the dialog invisibly duplicates fields to the end of the document sent to the browser.
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How to Fix a JQuery UI Dialog Strangely Positioning Itself

If there’s one down-side to JQuery UI dialogs, then it’s that they can be too simple to use and too much of the actual logic is hidden from the developer’s view. This can easily end up with surprising behavior which can only be described as the control trying to be too clever and to do too much behind the scenes. Continue reading “How to Fix a JQuery UI Dialog Strangely Positioning Itself”

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ShowModalDialog: How to Run a Function on the Parent Page

Sometimes when putting together a Web-based application, you will need to show a custom modal dialog that is a bit more complex than the inbuilt JavaScript alert( or confirm( dialogs, and that unlike a jQuery modal dialog will run as a separate window. Your best option in this case is to use the JavaScript ShowModalDialog function. Since ShowModalDialog behaves differently than a traditional Window.open command, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind when developing your solution. Continue reading “ShowModalDialog: How to Run a Function on the Parent Page”