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Tips: Get your Web Forms Money Fields Looking Great with jQuery, Bootstrap3 and FontAwesome

Formatted Number Fields
Formatted Number Fields

Here is a quick overview of how to make number fields in your HTML form look more fancy using Bootstrap3 and jQuery. In particular I will show how to use Bootstrap markup to prepend a Bootstrap icon to one of the text input field on your form. Also I’ll show how to add a jQuery/JavaScript function to nicely format the numbers entered by your users.

In the end the example number fields will look a little something like the image shown here. If you want to try this for yourself, just browse a little further down in this article for a full working HTML example page.

Having nicely formatted number fields in your Web form is an example of how making things look much friendlier and professional, which is definitely a good thing!

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Problems with jQuery Modal Dialog Inside Partial Postacks (ie: a .NET UpdatePanel)

Problems with jQuery Modal Dialogs problem can happen in a number of ways (see some of my other articles on the subject). This time, it was that I used a jQuery Modal Dialog inside of an ASP.NET UpdatePanel. After some looking around, what seems to be happening is that the dialog invisibly duplicates fields to the end of the document sent to the browser.
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JavaScript to Disable Accidental Source Code Viewing


If you are writing a Web application then you want your users to have simple, trouble-free interactions with your site. You definitely don’t want users to get confused with a ‘view source’ context menu when they right click on the form by accident. To make your site as user friendly as possible I think that it is important to disallow accidental mouse clicks to confuse your users. To do so you can use some simple JavaScript code. Continue reading “JavaScript to Disable Accidental Source Code Viewing”