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A Basic Look at using the JavaScript QuerySelector Function with CSS Selectors

JavaScript QuerySelector
JavaScript QuerySelector

The JavaScript querySelector (and the related querySelectorAll) functions give you a lot of control over elements on your page since these functions support using CSS Selectors. You can target elements on your page in a number of different ways using CSS selector syntax which will likely save you a lot of time and effort. As well, the power of using CSS Selectors in JavaScript makes it less necessary to start referencing more heavy-weight libraries such as JQuery for doing simple DOM manipulations. Continue reading “A Basic Look at using the JavaScript QuerySelector Function with CSS Selectors”

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ShowModalDialog: How to Run a Function on the Parent Page

Sometimes when putting together a Web-based application, you will need to show a custom modal dialog that is a bit more complex than the inbuilt JavaScript alert( or confirm( dialogs, and that unlike a jQuery modal dialog will run as a separate window. Your best option in this case is to use the JavaScript ShowModalDialog function. Since ShowModalDialog behaves differently than a traditional Window.open command, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind when developing your solution. Continue reading “ShowModalDialog: How to Run a Function on the Parent Page”